Leaf All Your Tree Services to Us!

Expert tree services in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC

While many landscaping companies offer tree pruning services, they often don’t have the expertise necessary to beneficially treat your tree. And though other tree service companies are happy to remove your trees, many do not offer cleanup service or treatments that could save your trees. At Tiny Tim’s Tree & Stump Service, we are a full-service tree company in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC, meaning we provide all the services you need to ensure your trees are healthy and your property remains appealing.

Call today to speak directly with Tim regarding tree services in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC, including:

  • Tree removal – completely remove dead or diseased trees from your property and avoid potential damage of fallen trees.
  • Stump grinding/removal – often times removing the tree is a lot easier than removing the stump. We’ll take care of it so your property shows no lingering signs of the missing tree.
  • Tree pruning/trimming – constructively trim portions of the tree that are overgrown or threatening surrounding structures. This procedure should be done by a professional to ensure safety and the health of your trees.
  • Tree injections – gives your trees a boost of nutrients, pesticides and other beneficial compounds that will increase the tree’s vigor and resiliency.

Whatever tree service your residential or commercial property in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC, needs, trust Tiny Tim’s Tree & Stump Service to provide it. Call today to request an accurate assessment and honest estimate for tree services in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, North Carolina.