How Can You Clear Your Property of All That Debris?

Call for light demolition and lot clearing in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC

Unique to many tree service and contracting companies in the Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC, area, Tiny Tim’s Tree & Stump Service offers full demolition and lot clearing services. We have the equipment and workforce to completely clear one to two acre residential and commercial properties of just about anything, including homes, commercial structures and trees. Your honest estimate from the business owner includes pricing for all services, from demo to cleanup. Call today to request your estimate for services including:

  • Light demolition – we tear down houses, small commercial buildings, pools and more and completely remove all debris so you can rebuild or repurpose the property.
  • Lot clearing – we make way for new construction projects by clearing the area of trees, underbrush and other debris. Before you can begin your residential or commercial construction projects, you’ll need a clean and clear surface. Trust Tiny Tim’s Tree & Stump Service to provide just that.

Request your estimate for demolition and lot clearing services in Belmont, Mt Holly & Gastonia, NC, by calling today.